MEDINA, Minn., April 16, 2017 – Hunkins Entertainment LLC, producer and marketer of creative works by Andrew Hunkins, today announced a charitable contribution representing six percent of profit from sales of No Such Thing as Evil, book one in the Circle of Six trilogy. The donation comprises three percent to Wounded Warrior Project and three percent to Tubman Family Crisis & Support Services.

“Readers always comment about the physical treatment of certain characters in my story,” said Andrew Hunkins, owner and award-winning author. “I’ll be the first to admit, it’s intense. Yup, the bad guys are pretty bad. It’s not boring. But, it’s fiction. I wrote the story as an escape. However, in real life, real people experience real trauma. I make these donations to help real victims escape real evil. Maybe a wounded vet gets the care that makes his or her remaining life worth the sacrifice, or maybe a mother and her children have a safe place to flee to escape an abusive environment.” This donation follows others since the book debuted in December 2015. “We must always support our non-fiction heroes and heroines.”

Hunkins prefers the term techno-thriller over science fiction to describe the trilogy. “Science fiction is broader today. Techno-thrillers are the modern reader’s science fiction.” Set in the year 2040, the book’s fictional world has advanced technologically but in a subtle extension from present. The progression becomes startling as the story unfolds.

“The book’s Amazon rating is all five stars, except for one,” said Hunkins. “That reader said it was ‘too sadistic for her’. I accept that criticism. It’s no fairytale. Yet, it pales in comparison to the challenges faced by real people. Maybe that reader will reconsider recommending my fictional adventure, knowing her purchase is helping to sooth real pain, and end real fear.”


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