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The trilogy exposes the secrets behind the Circle of Six—a group of six men and their leader, Aeron Skotino, who’ve been on Earth a very long time. Waiting. Planning.

Book 1 begins when the Circle’s master plan finally kicks off. However, their boldness blinds them to the modest and humble savior-to-be who’s able to stop their evil plan. But like so many of us, our savior begins life without a clue that they are the savior.

Well, actually, there were clues. And that’s where Book 1 starts.

Each book is a complete adventure, and each book reveals many secrets. Each of the three accounts build upon each other. Yet even from the first few pages, one can appreciate the magnitude of the ticking destiny that drives the Circle of Six and pray it can be stopped.

Prepare yourself.



What secrets are possible if one can see the future and look back? What if the path along infinite futures can be manipulated? What if it depends on what you do? Now. Right now.



Unlike the book’s tension, which waxes and wanes like the portraits of the moon, the suspense pulls you from the very first paragraph and never lets up, ever present, holding you—like gravity.


It straddles future and present, manifesting a sense of human striving even in the face of bleakness. It’s hopelessly full of hope.


Evil Alive – Reviewed by Kristina Turner for Reader Views

Hunkins’ techno-thriller is darkness blended with light. On one side is the Circle of Six, whose evil is unquestionable. Each of the men of the circle is a force of depravity, selfishness, and cruelty. Descriptions of their actions, torture sessions, and machinations made my skin positively crawl. I don’t recommend reading any of their chapters right before bed! Nightmare fuel! Conversely, Chris’s band of friends are a powerful force for good, radiating empathy, unconditional love, and kindness.

No Such Thing as Evil – Reviewed by Kristina Turner for Reader Views

The novel put me off at first, as the opening chapters put you immediately in the oubliette of The Circle of Six’s vile torture chambers, which made my skin crawl in every way. But the chapters are broken into short sections; thus, very quickly I was meeting Laura Richards, a clearly optimistic and good person concerned unselfishly for the plight of her students and neighbors. A relief and palette cleanser.

Evil Alive – Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Hunkins wastes no time in sustaining the element of thrills that he wants to establish in this series. Evil Alive settles into a cat-and-mouse structure, but not without brains, as every chapter intensifies the more Chris and his friends are getting close to the answers. The result becomes convincing and organized, especially when it throws in formidable villains that mean business.

No Such Thing as Evil – Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

If neo-noir sci-fi thrillers are your jam, No Such Thing as Evil is right up your alley. Author Andrew Hunkins’ blockbuster of a novel keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The plot moves at lightning speed, keeping you glued to the pages with unexpected twists and turns that you never see coming.

Fitger’s Bookstore Review

Finishing up No Such Thing as Evil by Andrew Hunkins and it reminds me of Wanderers by Chuck Wendig. I am going to be obsessing about it all day until I can find out how it ends. Techno thrillers are a special kind of suspense.

Award-winning novelist from Minneapolis

Andrew Hunkins

Midwest Book Review declared Andrew Hunkins a truly gifted storyteller for his technothriller No Such Thing as Evil, which received the Midwest Independent Publishing Association’s coveted Silver Finalist award. Hunkins defines the technothriller subgenre as the thinking person’s science fiction. MBR Bookwatch acclaimed his debut work as a deftly crafted novel of the first order.


Pulling from decades of experience as a communications technology entrepreneur, Hunkins skillfully weaves real-life sci-tech into near-future worlds using gripping plots and fresh narratives approachable by general adult audiences. Greenspan’s Bookshelf’s own Able Greenspan called No Such Thing as Evil a solidly entertaining read from beginning to end.


Hunkins lives with his wife in Minnesota near their two children. He is often killed by thirteen-year-olds while playing Call of Duty on Xbox but can hold his own alongside squad mates of his own age class. Gummy bears are his favorite candy, especially the clear ones.