Evil Alive (Circle of Six Trilogy, Book 2) 

Andrew Hunkins 
Beaver’s Pond Press (2021) 
ISBN 978-1-59298-649-1 
Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite 

Reprinted with permission from original post.

Evil Alive: Book 2 in the Circle of Six Series by Andrew Hunkins continues the intensity and thrills that you got from the first installment. As Chris is about to start his senior year in high school, he and his friends, Al and Katie, find themselves fleeing from the sinister group known as the Circle of Six that is hell-bent on revenge. This has something to do with the death of one of the members of the Circle, and the loss of a member is unthinkable. Meanwhile, the FBI is in pursuit of Al and Katie for this death that leads to the arrests of their parents, courtesy of the manipulations of the Circle of Six. For the evil men to get to Chris, they will have to enter into Hope’s world. Hope has been labeled a Robin Hood cyberterrorist for her superior hacking skills. Confronting new threats will put the lives of the three friends on the line while Chris gets to unravel his imaginary guardian angel.

Andrew Hunkins hits the same marks with the same sharp plotting. Moreover, everything is right about his characters, and none of the scenes are rambling. Consider the opening sequence where Chris is being questioned by the FBI. This takes you straight to the core of the storyline prior to the previous events of the first book. Hunkins wastes no time in sustaining the element of thrills that he wants to establish in this series. Evil Alive settles into a cat-and-mouse structure, but not without brains, as every chapter intensifies the more Chris and his friends are getting close to the answers. The result becomes convincing and organized, especially when it throws in formidable villains that mean business. Evil Alive is a must-read for techno-thriller fans who love taut pacing, great tension, relevant characters, and a story arc that satisfactorily leads to the next installment.