No Such Thing as Evil

Book 1 in Circle of Six Trilogy


Laura Richards, a political science professor, and her husband Ben Richards, an astrophysics professor, unexpectedly find themselves at the center of a dark conspiracy after they adopt Chris Lumière, the orphaned son of Laura’s friend Marian. Following the bizarre circumstances of Chris’s birth, Laura and Ben uncover clues revealing an intelligent force surrounding Chris.


Laura was an average woman, living in an average town, working at an average job. Although, true, it was fortunate to be employed. And the fact that her husband was also employed meant she could have whatever she wanted. Perfect, right?

Something was missing. This is where our story picks up. She didn’t have to go searching for that something—it found her.


Advanced computing combined with astrophysics. Hexadecimal wizardry surrounded by dark energy. Yet, just being a good husband and dad was a bigger challenge for Ben.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to marshal all that technology when his wife and son needed help. He possessed the skills to unlock the key to save their lives—and his own.


From an outsider’s perspective, Chris’s life was completely normal, up until the signs of his unique condition began to emerge. But on closer review, that wasn’t the case. It had started long before that.

The circumstances of his birth made it clear that he was different. But everyone’s child is special, right? Then the signs turned deliberate, and the evidence seemed premeditated—that’s when it all unraveled.


A solidly entertaining read from beginning to end. No Such Thing as Evil is a deftly crafted novel of the first order and establishes author Andrew Hunkins as a truly gifted storyteller.

Midwest Book Review


Really nice and intriguing book. I am not a big fan of sci-fi in general, but that didn’t really feel here. It’s a mix of thriller, with some futuristic high tech gismos, a bit of iron-man/super hero twist. The story kept evolving and kept me interested all the way through the end.

Mor Hezi


This book was a great read. I loved the techno gadgets mixed in throughout the book. Keep an eye out for the Easter Eggs. They are subtle. As you discover the eggs you can see the depth of development. This is a series of three books, can’t wait for the next two to come out.

Jonathan H. DenHartog